russell westbrook 2008-09 topps chrome rookie card

Sports Card Websites. Baseball, Basketball And Football

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Links To Sports Card Websites. Baseball, Basketball And Baseball.

Below are useful links to Sports Card websites for collectors.


Sports Card Databases.

  • The Trading Card Database. This site is really good and I use it all the time. It currently has nearly 7 Million sports cards listed in it’s database. Perfect for viewing checklists and card numbers.
  • Another powerful site for sports card collectors. Many, many cards listed for all 4 Major sports.
  • The Cardboard Connection. This sports card website has been around for awhile and is very popular. You could spend hours and hours fun looking through all the cards from baseball, football, basketball and even hockey.

Websites That Sell Sports Cards.

    • Legacy Sports Cards. Basketball cards as well as Baseball and Football.
    • Blowoutcards. I actually have had an account at this sports card website since 2007 and have placed many orders with NO problems whatsoever. A great site with lots of the newest sports card releases.
    • Dave & Adam’s Card World. I have not ordered anything from this site, but it has been around for a while and it looks like they sell a ton of sports cards.
    • Charm City Cards. I ordered from them one time and received my order promptly and in great shape. Located in Baltimore, MD.
    • Northwest Sportscards. Located in the Seattle, Washington area.
    • Sports Card Radio. Any website that offers sports card podcasts is number one in my book.
    • DJ’s Sports Cards. Located in Renton, Washington.
    • California Sports Cards. Located in the Southern California area.
    • Sports Card Depot. Sports Cards and collectibles.
    • Dean’s Cards. A lot of vintage sports cards at this website. Nice!
    • Sports Card Direct. A site to buy and even sell your sports cards.
    • Larry Fritsch Sports Cards. These guys are the pioneers of sports card collecting. The late Mr. Fritsch started collecting in the 1940’s. He for saw the future. Smart move getting all those early Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle cards.
    • Kruk Cards. Looking to sell? Kruk wants to buy your sports cards.
    • Scottsdale Sports Cards. A site where you can sell your vintage sports cards.
    • 707 Sports Cards. This website specializes in PSA Graded sports cards. Buy, sell and trade.
    • COMC. Check out my cards website is real good. I have bought quite a few sports cards from them with no hassle at all.
    • JordanCards. This site focuses on the best Michael Jordan basketball cards and more.

Sports Card Talk Websites.

    • Talking Sports Cards. This is a cool sports card blog. It discusses hobby boxes bought back in 2009 and 2010. With photos! Always fun to look back 6 years and see how the hobby has changed a bit.

Other Sports Related Websites.

  • NBA Jersey Gazette. This site isn’t sports cards but it does relate to NBA Basketball jerseys and apparel.
  • Free Sports Card Classifieds. This free classifieds website is all about sports cards and sports memorabilia. List your sports cards you have for sale as well as list your want and trade lists.



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